The Best Luxury Furniture Store Toronto has to offer!

At Barrymore furniture we make sure that our quality and craftsmanship is superior. Since 1919, we have produced the best local custom sectional sofas Toronto has to offer. Having manufactured hand-made products that include modern furniture or luxury furniture, we are fully equipped to furnish your home. We have amazing seasonal discounts to help provide not only the best customer experience but also introduce new collections. No matter what you are looking for we offer a variety of products locally. Assisting the owners is an experienced group of design and space consultants who have years of experience in home decor. We pride ourselves on being different from the competition, not just a generic "furniture store" but one of the best modern furniture stores Toronto has to offer. Your couches and chairs can be created in any style and colour desired, especially to fit the needs of your home. Seeing our furniture in-store will help you make our visualizations come true. Come visit our showroom in Toronto to see what we have to offer. Our large high end furniture selection will make you wonder why you haven't visited us yet. We are easy to get to and worth the drive!!

Speciality Sectional Sofa Toronto Origins!

Our sectional sofa Toronto selection tires to create the perfect fit for you and your family. We want you to feel true comfort, high end quality and a refined design. If, of course you do not find exactly what you need we are here to customize and create a stunning piece of furniture. Your furniture should accentuate your home and fit perfectly in its space. From construction, measuring, framing, coiling, finishing, cutting, cushioning, sewing and upholstery we know how to build you quality. We promise that if you buy from us, it will last you for generations. See what a difference in quality makes when each piece is hand-crafted to perfection. Come visit our furniture store in Toronto and see why Barrymore was made for you.

Modern Furniture Toronto Based:

Modern Furniture, by definition is supposed to be sleek, refined and fit elegantly in the space it occupies. We have modern furniture to fit the furnishing needs from the suburbs of Pickering to the busy streets of the downtown condominiums. From speciality arm chairs to dining tables, our company is ready to give your condominium or house the type of furniture you can brag about to your friends. We take pride and care with every piece and ensure that they are made to last. Come see why our products stand from the competitions!