William Birch Arm with T-Cushion
Many Barrymore styles can be made with different arm styles. The most popular styles are listed here.

William Birch Arm
English Arm furniture is classic and refined without being overly formal. The softly padded arm gently dips down slightly in the center and then comes up again at the front with tailored pleating. Also known as William Birch style arms. Our Kingsley, Kensington and Faulkner have English arms.

Rolled Arm
A rolled arm sofa is most traditional. While a very large or wide roll arm will tend to have a more rustic or country feel to it, a smaller roll arm can look more tailored depending on its detailing. See our classic Chester, the Dakota as well as the Windsor and Lancaster for fine examples of the rolled arm.

Cap Arm Facing
A rolled arm with a plain front facing is the simplified look of the Cap arm facing. See our Chester Sofa and Bailey Sofa.

Track or Square Arm
A track arm is sleek, straight and defines the lines of a sofa with its tailored detail. It is a contemporary look that can be one of the best fitting arms for small spaces. Among our narrow track arms, the Newman, Amadeo and Taylor are popular. For a more relaxed look, see the wide track arms of the Declan, Trey, Midtown, Broadway and Jasper sofas.

Tuxedo Arm
The tuxedo sofa is a very tailored and sophisticated look. The arms of the sofa are generally at the same height as the back of the sofa and the overall shape of the arm and frame is very square and straight. Our Matteo, Tate, Paris and Marilyn sofas are elegant examples of the Tuxedo look.

Shelter Arm
This style combines the Tuxedo and Track arms for a softer, higher profile creating a ‘sheltered’ feel. Lightly padded for comfort but gently flared for clean lines, our Abbey and Knole sofas are excellent examples of Shelter arms.