Cushion Details and Accents
The functional and decorative details that your cushions have will change the look of your sofa. All Barrymore Seat Cushions have zipper enclosures which let you clean them as necessary.

Welt and Trim A Welt is a fabric used on a cushion or pillow in order to cover the seam as well as strengthen the upholstery. A Self Welt is a welt that matches the rest of the upholstery on the piece. Contrast Welt is a welt in contrasting fabric and is meant to stand out. A Fabric Trim is an optional decorative detail that can be applied like a welt along the seam of a cushion or pillow. Contrast Cord on Back Cushions Contrast Welt on Seating Bouillon Trim as Sofa Skirt

Decorative Nail Heads are decorative metal buttons that are applied around the edges and arms of the sofa and or bed frame. They used to be a more traditional look but are now found in creative designs on many sofas