Standard Valance
Standard Valance
Our standard valance is a fabric skirt that is suspended from the welt line underneath the cushions to just above the floor. It is usually pleated at the corners but may also be pleated at seat cushion gaps.

Waterfall Valance
This valance is a classic, elegant look that best shows the pattern of the fabric you are using. The valance drops down from the deck in the front of the sofa, underneath the arm, and may also be added in the back of the sofa.

Dressmaker Skirt
This valance drops down from the seat deck of the sofa or chair frame and from the top of the arm and back for a casual, relaxed look. It is pleated at the corners and seat cushion gaps.

Box Pleats
A box pleated valance is a straight, symmetrical valance that has evenly spaced double pleats throughout the valance. It is a very tailored look.